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  • Reinforcing - Get peace of mind when you specify and use EuroSteel rebar, the only rebar in New Zealand with the 'S' Mark, your assurance of quality. EuroSteel offers a complete range of reinforcing mesh and reinforcing accessories, from the popular M665 and SE615-500 Xtra-Ductile mesh to M212L and SE930-500 Xtra-Ductile meshes. Whether you are a residential builder or a large scale specialist steel and concrete placer our distributors can satisfy your need for excellent value.

  • Cut and Bend - Having your EuroSteel reinforcing steel accurately cut to length, bent to shape using the correct minimum bend diameter and delivered to site makes sense. It saves a lot of time and energy, allowing you to concentrate on the rest of the build which is probably the best use of your skills and experience.

  • Farm Fencing - EuroFence wire is manufactured from high grade steel coated with an XtraLife zinc/aluminium coating so you can be confident it will perform in New Zealand conditions for years to come. The X™ fence® and EuroFence brands give you a range of product that will meet your entire wire fencing needs. With quality that exceeds New Zealand fencing standards, EuroFence wire will add value to your fencing investment.

  • Farm Gates - The EuroFence range of farm gates are made from high quality raw materials to suit a variety of New Zealand conditions. They are tough enough to take the every day knocks of farming life and to withstand significant pressure from stock. Our range covers seven models with specifications to suit farming applications from deer, cattle and sheep to lifestyle applications. EuroFence also offers a comprehensive range of quality gate hardware to support the gate range.

  • Security - EuroFence and XFENCE® deliver high levels of security and cost efficiency from a range of resilient security and perimeter fencing. The X™ fence® Security System (XFS System™) delivers a stronger, more secure barrier than conventional security fencing, providing superior protection against cut attack and ram raid. EuroFence chainlink and barbed wire options provide a cost effective, traditional barrier at practically any height.

  • Loose Nails - EuroNails branded loose nails offer a wide range of proven, trade quality products in popular sizes and finishes to suit all applications. Over the years EuroNails have been proven in New Zealand conditions. They are available in durable, colour coded packs, in sizes to suit the trade and DIY.

  • Collated Nails - The EuroNails branded collated nail range has been supplied to New Zealand tradesman for over 10 years. These products are available in a variety of common sizes and finishes to fit a variety of nailing tools. The collated fasteners and fuel cells can be used with confidence by the trade and serious DIY.

Euro Corporation is a 100% New Zealand owned manufacturer and distributor of trade quality steel and wire products for use in the rural and construction sectors.

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